Brandi Kaepplinger

Massage Therpay. Yoga. Posture


My name is Brandi Kaepplinger, I am a Neuromuscular Therapist who specializes in pain and posture dysfunction.

I genuinely LOVE helping people figure out what the root cause of their pain is.

I focus on SAFE, ETHICAL, and THERAPEUTIC massage therapy.

I have a background in yoga teaching where I quickly fell in love with the study of anatomy and how posture effects the way we have moved through this life since we were children!

My aim is always to create a safe space for healing and at the very least a safe space to just breath and take care of yourself.


Addressing pain and discomfort with a WHOLE body approach.

Pain can be local, it can radiate, it can effect our entire well being. My approach is to analyse what the deeper CAUSE of your pain or discomfort is and use any intentional modality that can decrease the intensity and even correct it.

Modalities include:

Neuromuscular Therapy- Deep tissue work that addresses muscle function and balance as well as Trigger and Tender points. Mainly used to address pain directly.

Myofascial Realease- This may include a light tissue stretch or it could be a cupping method.

CranioSacral Manipulations- This is a painless and gentle way to address the dysfunction of soft tissue that can cause imbalance in the pelvis, sacrum, and hips, as well as the skull. It is a very gentle way to create balance in the pelvis that could positively effect your posture and pain. It is a soft tissue manipulation technique and IS NOT a way to manipulate or move bone.

Energy and Chakra Bodywork- I use Reiki when pain goes deeper than muscle tissue. Pain can be caused by and can alternatively cause emotional distress, stress, anxiety, depression,and chronic fatigue. Reiki and chakra work is a great way to take time to breath and create a safe space in you body again.

Located in Grant Park Atlanta,GA!